Male Feeder
Female Feeder

Since the Breeder Parent Stocks are costly and their hatching eggs and pullet chicks fetch higher income, more care has to be taken on Breeder parent stock management.

The feed given to Breeder Layer parents is more or less similar to that of the commercial Layers but the breeder feed especially served to the breeder hen is micronu-trient rich to obtain high fertility, leading to Sex separate feeding. Hence we have specially designed separate feeders for the Cock and the Hen.

This special Separate Feeders for the Male and the Fe-male are provided with 70 mm and 43 mm grill respec-tively the grills are so designed that a male cannot con-sume feed from the Female equipment which needs a relatively low neck and the female cannot reach the high grill designed for male.


Spare List:

• a) Feeder Hook
• b) Feeder Height adjuster
• c) Feeder Cord
• d) Grill 43 mm/ 70 mm
• e) Top Grill
• f) Feeder Weight
• g) Feeder Pipe
• h) Feeder Pipe nut (black)